ToolingDocs Case Studies

Following are Tool Room CASE STUDIES featuring "Before and After" summaries of how ToolingDocs assisted. Each Case Study includes:

  • Specific objectives expressed to ToolingDocs prior to the MCA
  • Scoring the department in 50 categories and 7 Key Performance Indicators
  • Final observations, recommendations and conclusion.

MCA Case Study #093009

This 20 yr old facility is in good health with enough staff on
board to get the job done, but old methods for maintenance tracking and reporting keep them mired in problems.

At best guess by the shop manager, 50% of all mold stops
are the result of Unscheduled Mold Stops due to a variety of reasons that they could not pin-point. Reducing this amount
to even a paltry 40% (should be 20%) would save the
company $45,000 per year and $90,000 at 30% as seen on
the MPP metrics chart shown below.  

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MCA Case Study #091109

This factory has the staff needed to get the job done but really lacks proper documentation by means of a formatted, electronic documentation system.

It was estimated by the shop supervisor that 40% of all mold
stops are un-scheduled due to mold problems. Reducing this amount to 30% (should be 20%) would save the company
$42,000 per year as seen on the MPP metrics chart shown below.    

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MCA Case Study #051207

This older, well-staffed facility had the necessary production monitoring equipment to be a best practices example for the majority of the plastics molding industry. Unfortunately, mold maintenance efforts suffered from shop constraints and poor
record keeping practices.

Projected cavitation increase to 96% and labor savings of $125,000.00 over 2 years after applying all MCA mold
performance and maintenance efficiency recommendations. 

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MCA Case Study #050113

This new, clean and well staffed facility has most of the
hardware to implement a comprehensive PM program.
However, they lack the most crucial tool used in achieving
the optimal goal and that is due to the fact that there is no electronic capturing and utilization of data in the under-
standing of costs to proactively attack issues.

Projected savings: 10% labor savings with improved mold reliability; estimated total is $70,000.00 min. over two years. 

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