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Cosmetic Specialties International Earns TSI Certification

CSI™-Cosmetic Specialties International, LLC, based in Oxnard, CA, has recently achieved certification in ToolingDocs’ Total Systems Implementation training program.

Under the leadership of Product and Distribution Manager, Chris Gedwed, CSI endeavored to undergo training via the TSI program in order to realign its overall mold maintenance procedures and bring its operations up to industry best practices. Cutting costs and establishing a continuous improvement environment were also key objectives. The company specializes in manufacturing packaging for the beauty, skincare and personal care industries.

“The TSI training, including MoldTrax for documentation and MCA’s before and after, helped put the power back into our guys,” explained Gedwed. “We were already a world-class toolroom, but this program helped us to tighten up our operations even more and get molds out on time. As a result, the toolroom has now become a key strength within our company.”

To find out more about the TSI Certification Program, contact ToolingDocs by calling 419-281-0790 or email info@ToolingDocs.com. Visit www.csillc.com to learn more about Cosmetic Specialties International.




CSI’s Chris Gedwed, above, receives a plaque and congratulations from ToolingDocs’ Randy Winton while, below, Randy works with Ubaldo Ramirez at CSI during an MCA assessment.