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ToolingDocs Announces Training Program Expansion - "Maintain the World”

ToolingDocs, the leading authority on mold maintenance, has focused its training programs primarily in the USA with some training also provided in Asia. Recently, however, certification courses have also been conducted in Mexico. Additional classes are being added in Mexico this year, along with certification training that will be launched in Canada and Europe as well.

“Having completed some training in Ireland, we’re seeing the need in that region for comprehensive mold maintenance training programs that will advance companies’ capacities for maintaining their fleets of tools,” said Randy Winton, ToolingDocs’ Global Assessment Manager.

ToolingDocs started in 2001 as a traveling seminar to serve as an educational resource for those responsible for the performance of production tooling. In 2008 the ToolingDocs Maintenance Center in

ToolingDocs Announces Training Program Expansion

ToolingDocs is expanding its certification training program by bringing it to the EU, Canada, and Mexico.

Ashland, Ohio, was configured to provide an even more comprehensive training curriculum that includes both classroom and hands-on training. To date, hundreds of attendees have become Certified Repair Techs based off of the 8 Stages of Mold Repair.

Today, ToolingDocs has grown to provide multi-level maintenance certification training programs, MoldTrax installation and training as well as Maintenance Capability Assessments (MCA), which consist of a thorough examination of a company’s specific mold maintenance infrastructure.  

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