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ToolingDocs Expands its Hot Runner Curriculum

Manifold systems must be handled with great care while cleaning, inspecting and reassembling using mold-specific documentation as a guide. Methodical practices must be used to prevent potential disasters that are easily created through a lack of knowledge of how hot runner systems operate and the critical components within.

For this reason, ToolingDocs, a leading authority on mold maintenance, established a unique, intro level hot runner repair and maintenance program that has been extremely well received and attended. Now, in answer to requests from class attendees, ToolingDocs has expanded the original program into a comprehensive, 4-day advanced curriculum.

The first class will be held June 24-27 and the at the ToolingDocs Maintenance Center, and seats filled almost immediately. The next course is scheduled for August 12-15.

Attendess will:

Hot Runner Course Expansion

Through hands-on bench training, repair technicians will learn solid hot runner maintenance techniques and principles that can be applied immediately.

  • Learn how various hot runner systems function and the critical areas of each

  • Troubleshoot, document and map out several manifold systems using an ohmmeter (supplied) while learning about Ohm’s Law and how it is applied

  • Completely disassemble, clean, inspect, document and reassemble a multi-cavity valve gate and fixed gate system

  • Learn how to determine what elements of the manifold should be included in setting up a PM program.

In addition, common issues will be discussed and useful bench techniques will be taught, including disassembly, cleaning and assembly tips along with wiring how-to, splices, repairs, resistance mapping, heater size verification and replacement and much more.

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