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ToolingDocs Offers New Hot Runner Maintenance and Repair Certification

Repairing and maintaining a typical hot runner system takes mold maintenance skills to the next level. While all mold repair work should be performed methodically and carefully, successful hot runner repair requires a higher level of precision, understanding and accuracy that can only be accomplished in a systemized approach. That’s why ToolingDocs is now offering its new Hot Runner Maintenance and Repair Certification (Level 1) course.

“We designed this curriculum to teach attendees how various hot runner systems function and about the critical areas of each system,” explains ToolingDocs Operations Manager Steve Johnson. “Over two days we cover typical fixed gate and valve gate systems and areas of concern. Attendees will troubleshoot, document and correct various wiring and electrical issues and learn how to set up a hot runner PM program.”

In addition, common design and production issues will be discussed and useful bench techniques will be taught that include:

Hot Runner Certification Training

Through hands-on bench training, repair technicians will learn solid hot runner maintenance techniques and principles that can be applied immediately.

  • Performance and maintenance characteristics in the designs of the six most popular brands of hot runner
    systems used today.

  • Repair traps – What am I getting into?

  • Basic disassembly and cleaning techniques

  • Typical problems created through bad work habits

  • Wiring how-to, splices, repairs, resistance checking, heater size verification, replacement

“Business indexes report that hot runners are being used on 60% of all new molds built today,” adds Steve. “Add to that the thousands built years ago that are still in service today and you’ve got a solid case for making sure your repair techs have the tools and skills they need to deal with issues that arise.”

The first Hot Runner Maintenance and Repair (Level 1) class is set to be held on March 26 – 27 at the ToolingDocs Maintenance Center in Ashland, OH.

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