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ToolingDocs MCA’s Positively Influence Molders’ Profitability

Certification Training Elevates Maintenance Proficiency 


Today’s manufacturers are much more aware of the important role proper mold maintenance plays in optimizing production and reducing costs. This is due, in large part, to the array of unique, hands-on training and targeted services offered by ToolingDocs LLC.

Since 2008, ToolingDocs’ Maintenance Capability Assessment (MCA) have helped molders identify deficient areas of operation and, through targeted training and improvement actions, these companies have realized savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, companies have experienced up to a 50% reduction in unscheduled mold stops, increases in cavity efficiency and reduced labor hours.  

ToolingDocs Training & MCA

A tooling manager at a Pennsylvania-based OEM shares the results of his plant’s MCA experience:

“The biggest thing we’re working on is the reporting aspect. “What does it actually cost to run a mold? What are the extra costs we weren’t seeing before from labor, from the toolroom, spare tooling or the efficiencies of the mold? Tying it all together to build a comprehensive report tells us what our worst offenders are and where we need to focus in order to improve that particular mold or process. It tells us where we’re losing profits or where we can further gain profits."

“For example, with our costliest mold, which has eight cavities and produces about 4.5 million parts per year,
we realized a savings of one half cent per part after implementing the steps recommended in the MCA,” he continued. “That half cent was buried in both outside purchased tooling and internal labor costs. When you consider that was one tool out of 300 active molds; you can do the math and see that there’s a lot of money
to be saved plant-wide.”

In addition to MCA services, ToolingDocs’ one-of-a-kind Maintenance Certification Training provides rigorous, hands-on training for mold techs and managers of all skill levels, helping to raise maintenance proficiencies and cut costs. Here’s what Tom Batinich at Rexam Healthcare had to say about ToolingDocs’ training programs after he and his team attended both Level 1 and 2 training and he also took the Managers Cert Training class:

“We are running, on average, higher cavitation throughout the plant while more than doubling our business in size. [After the training] were actually able to increase our cavitation plant-wide rather than what would normally happen (meaning dropping off in production or lower quality). We were able to maintain and better ourselves during a time of expansion. We didn’t let anything go and to me that’s a mark of true success using the ToolingDocs documentation and skills that we learned.”

ToolingDocs’ Certification Training class schedules are posted regularly in its monthly newsletter, the TD News, and can also be found at www.toolingdocs.com/train/.

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