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ToolingDocs Announces New Mold Assessment Service

Because shop maintenance practices can be influenced by the design, type and condition of a company’s fleet of tools, ToolingDocs, a leading authority on mold maintenance, announces the addition of yet another unique, new service option: Mold Assessment.  

Mold Assessments entail ToolingDocs evaluating the overall condition and design features of an injection mold, including mold actions, venting, lubrication, tooling preloads, shut-offs, cooling and other mold design and condition factors.

A Mold Assessment is a viable option for situations like the following:

• An OEM that doesn’t have experienced tooling technicians on staff, but would benefit by having someone
   with that capability assess their molds

• Transferred tooling – work with an unbiased party who doesn’t stand to benefit by the mold, but has
   extensive experience in monitoring its condition and determining accurate, appropriate maintenance
   practices for it

• Molders who would like to have an unbiased second opinion about the state of a mold.

This systematic mold condition evaluation can be performed in-house at the customer’s plant or at the ToolingDocs Maintenance Center in north central Ohio. A summary report highlighting areas of concern is then generated from the assessment along with suggested actions that can be taken to correct or improve any issues.

For more information, contact ToolingDocs at 1-800-257-8369.