What's New at ToolingDocs


ToolingDocs New Custom Maintenance Bench

ToolingDocs introduced its custom-designed mold maintenance benches to its unique line of products at NPE2015 in Orlando, FL.

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New Product Innovations for the Toolroom

ToolingDocs is expanding its product line to include useful, innovative products that help streamline efficiencies in the plant.

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MoldTrax Gets Bigger, Faster and Stronger with the
Release of MT6

Over the years MoldTrax has evolved into not only a great troubleshooting tool at the bench, but the data collected by companies large and small,including OEM’s, has proved extremely valuable for tooling engineers, process and production departments as well as mold builders and quality control personnel0 And now industry’s leading software designed specifically for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds and dies, just got bigger, faster and stronger with the release of MoldTrax 6 (MT6).

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MoldTrax 6 Release 

ToolingDocs Expands its Hot Runner Curriculum

ToolingDocs established a unique, intro level hot runner repair and maintenance program that has been extremely well received and attended. Now, in answer to requests from class attendees, ToolingDocs has expanded the original program into a comprehensive, 4-day advanced curriculum.

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Hot Runner Course Expansion 

ToolingDocs Announces Training Program Expansion

ToolingDocs, the leading authority on mold maintenance, has focused its training programs primarily in the USA with some training also provided in Asia. Recently, however, certification courses have also been conducted in Mexico. Additional classes are being added in Mexico this year, along with certification training that will be launched in Canada and Europe as well.

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ToolingDocs Offers Hot Runner Maintenance and Repair Certification Course

Repairing and maintaining a typical hot runner system takes mold maintenance skills to the next level. While all mold repair work should be performed methodically and carefully, successful hot runner repair requires a higher level of precision, understanding and accuracy that can only be accomplished in a systemized approach. That’s why ToolingDocs is now offering its new Hot Runner Maintenance and Repair Certification (Level 1) course.  

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ToolingDocs Hot Runner Maintenance and Repair Course

Ohio Approves ToolingDocs as Eligible Training Provider

The State of Ohio has named ToolingDocs as an Eligible Training Provider (ETP) under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). 

While the ETP status pertains mainly to Area 7 in Ohio (the largest area, encompassing 43 counties), folks from all over the state can apply to take advantage of mold maintenance training programs. 

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ToolingDocs ETP

Save Your Toolroom $25,000 & Get Bonus Training

There’s still time to register for ToolingDocs’ Toolroom Maintenance Manager Certification Training course, which will be held February 26 & 27, and gain the skills that can save your toolroom $25,000 and more. Plus, for a limited time bonus training will be included!

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Toolroom Manager Certification Training

Cosmetic Specialties International Earns TSI Certification

CSI™-Cosmetic Specialties International, LLC, based in Oxnard, CA, has recently achieved certification in ToolingDocs’ Total Systems Implementation training program.

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CSI Earns TSI Certification

ToolingDocs Adds New Training Locations

ToolingDocs, a leading authority on mold maintenance and training, has expanded the geographic reach of its Mold Maintenance Certification Training programs. In addition to mold maintenance training continuing at the ToolingDocs Maintenance Center in Ashland, OH, some of its most popular classes will also be taught in other U.S. locations, such as southern California and near Chicago, IL.

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ToolingDocs Training

ToolingDocs MCA’s Positively Influence Molders’ Profitability

Today’s manufacturers are much more aware of the important
role proper mold maintenance plays in optimizing production
and reducing costs. This is due, in large part, to the array of unique, hands-on training and targeted services offered by ToolingDocs LLC.

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ToolingDocs Training

Custom Mold & Design Earns ToolingDocs Certification

ToolingDocs, a leading authority on mold maintenance,
announces that Custom Mold & Design (New Hope, MN)
has recently achieved certification in the new Certified
Maintenance Provider (CMP) program.  

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ToolingDocs Tooling Component Repair

ToolingDocs Announces New Mold Assessment Service

Because shop maintenance practices can be influenced by
the design, type and condition of a company’s fleet of tools, ToolingDocs, a leading authority on mold maintenance,
announces the addition of yet another unique, new service
option: Mold Assessment.  

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