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Uncover Huge Savings and Get Bonus Training

There’s still time to register for ToolingDocs’ Toolroom Maintenance Manager Certification Training course, which will be held February 26 - 27, and gain the valuable skills that can significantly reduce costs in your toolroom. Plus, for a limited time bonus training will be included!

“Every mold maintenance shop can save money. It’s just a matter of one’s ability to identify where the opportunity lies,” says ToolingDocs Operations Manager Steve Johnson. “The average 4-man repair shop with a fringed labor rate of $55 per hour can save $28,050 over a year by simply reducing unscheduled labor hours by 30 minutes each day, and this is just the tip of the iceberg for most shops regardless of the type of mold or product.”

In addition to the Toolroom Maintenance Manager training, ToolingDocs will launch its first Mold Repair Safety Course on February 28th. This one-day course focuses primarily on mold maintenance, types of accidents and statistics, precautions, proper equipment, chemical safety, preventative actions, and more. Finally, class attendees will also be able to take advantage of a half-day training session on MoldTrax5 on Friday, March 1st. Both of these courses will be offered free of charge.

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Toolroom Maintenance Manager - December 2012

ToolingDocs will offer its new Mold Repair Safety course, plus MoldTrax5 training free to the February 26-27 Toolroom Maintenance Manager Training attendees.