ToolingDocs Customer Testimonials


“The course was put together well and what encouraged me most was how the instructors were able to relate and communicate with each of us at every level. I left there with a feeling of ‘I have a number of things I can implement and I am looking forward to Level 2.”


~ Eugene Hassam, Senninger Irrigation, Inc.



“This is a program our industry needs. The things learned in this program can help companies regain a competitive edge and improve the economies of our companies.”


~ Jeff Dininger, Automation Plastics


“Excellent Conference! This is the only forum of its type that provides targeted information for mold and tooling engineers.”

~ Bob Miles, Teamvantage Molding Inc., Forest Lake, MN



“ToolingDocs is the most in-depth injection molding training course one could ask for. This is a valuable course of study, not only for maintenance techs, but for the press operators as well.”


~ Student attendee from Madison Adult Career Center, Madison, OH


“The biggest thing we’re working on is the reporting aspect,” he said. “What does it actually cost to run a mold? What are the extra costs we weren’t seeing before from labor, from the toolroom, spare tooling or the efficiencies of the mold? Tying it all together to build a comprehensive report tells us what our worst offenders are and where we need to focus in order to improve that particular mold or process. It tells us where we’re losing profits or where we can further gain profits."

“For example, with our costliest mold, which has eight cavities and produces about 4.5 million parts per year, we realized a savings of one half cent per part after implementing the steps recommended in the MCA,” he continued. “That half cent was buried in both outside purchased tooling and internal labor costs. When you consider that was one tool out of 300 active molds; you can do the math and see that there’s a lot of money to be saved plant-wide.”


~ Tooling Manager, Pennsylvania-based OEM


“I found great value in the program. ToolingDocs should become the national mold maintenance training and certification ground for the industry.”

~ Dale Trubic, Whirley Industries



“The tips and knowledge that Steve, Randy and Mike shared with us will definitely help me in this trade and at my current job. Really great information was given. In addition to effective maintenance processes to use for molds, I learned how to be better organized. I can take everything I learned here and improve our toolroom at Rexam.”


~ Daniel Cherry, Rexam


“This class made me all the more excited to begin college classes in the tool and die trade. I would very much like to focus on tool repair. Bring on Level 2!”

~ Student attendee from Madison Adult Career Center, Madison, OH



“This is the best management training I have received. Instead of using theory, they use experience.”


~ Tom Batinich, Rexam