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Innovations for the Toolroom: ToolingDocs Status Tags, Mold Light Bar and More

ToolingDocs is expanding its product line to include useful, innovative products that help streamline efficiencies in the plant.

“ToolingDocs teaches attendees of every Certification Training Course that having an organized work space with the right tools that will help them do their jobs faster and better is a huge step towards having a best in class operation,” explains ToolingDocs General Manager Steve Shannon. “So we’ve expanded our product offerings to include a few new and useful items.”

ToolingDocs Status Tags magnetically attach to molds and are color-coded for easy identification of mold status at a glance. Six different Status Tags are available:

  • Ready to Run (green)
  • Qualify Mold/Sample (yellow)
  • Do Not Run Mold/Repair (red)
  • Maintenance Required (orange)
  • Operator Required (white/black lettering)
  • Obsolete Mold (black/white letting)

Additionally, ToolingDocs is introducing its new Mold Light Bar for illuminating hard-to-see areas at the molding press. The Light Bar magnetically mounts to the press platen to direct six LED floodlights on the mold using swivel brackets (included). Rated for 50,000 hours, the Light Bar can be wired direct to the 24V machine power or to an optionally available transformer.

ToolingDocs is also making available a premium Synthetic Mold Grease to provide superior lubrication for sliding or moving components within molds and tooling. Benefits include:

  • Grease is engineered for food and medical molding environments
  • Low migration
  • Available in 100g tube packaging

Click HERE for additional information on ToolingDocs new Status Tags.






Click HERE for additional information on ToolingDocs new Mold Light Bar and Synthetic Mold Grease.







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