ToolingDocs Mold Warranty

Our customers who build molds, as well as those who buy molds, have told us that expectations are not always clear without a documented warranty for their tools. This can result in unscheduled mold stoppages and uncertainty as to who is responsible for various costs.

To address this, a draft of a Mold Warranty has been prepared with input from numerous customers, and is available for individuals to review and tweak for their own use.

CLICK HERE to download the Mold Warranty to consider whether or not it can be applicable in some ways within your organization, be it as a mold builder or a mold buyer.

For more information, please access the article "Guarantee Your Molds... Responsibly",  which was featured in the September 2010 issue of Mold Making Technology, shown at the right. 


The enclosed Mold Warranty document is intended to be used as a guide as you work to develop your own Mold Warranty document. The information contained in the Mold Warranty document is for informational purposes only
and should not be mistaken as legal advice or viewed as a substitute for legal counsel. ToolingDocs strongly recommends that you review this information with your legal counsel so that the document can be tailored to
your specific circumstances.