Moldtrax Mold Maintenance Software


MoldTrax is well-known throughout the industry for being the most comprehensive and user-friendly mold management system of its kind.

Developed in 1998 by ToolingDocs Operations Manager Steve Johnson, MoldTrax is the only mold maintenance program created specifically for tracking the performance, maintenance efficiency and repair costs of a variety of molds and dies.

“Born on the Bench”, MoldTrax is also the only software system capable of generating all of the worksheets necessary for establishing a proactive tool room. MoldTrax can easily be adapted to track a variety of tools and create customized financial reports. In fact, more than 40 standard reports can be accessed, specifically created for mold and maintenance tracking and cost analysis – simply enter a date range and pick a report.

MoldTrax 6: Bigger, Faster, Stronger

MoldTrax is bigger, faster and stronger than ever before with the recent release of MoldTrax 6 (MT6). MT6 features many valuable functions and capabilities that make it an indispensable tool for molders and OEMs the world over. Users will love the following new features and benefits:

  • “Inventory Monitoring” that allows the user to quickly see how
    many parts are left in stock. The simplest inventory system
    anyone will ever use!
  • A MoldTrax exclusive: A “Hot Runner Specs” tab has been added
    to the popular TechTips section gives user quicker access to
    manifold maintenance and repair instructions,images and specif-
    ications of the system. Categorizing this technical data saves
    search time and improves repair accuracy.
  • A “Maintenance Alert” report making it possible for the user to see
    what PM’s are coming due (Yellow), overdue (Red) or OK (Green) on molds currently in production.
  • A MoldTrax Performance Dashboard is now available from the main
    screen that shows the current ratio of Scheduled vs. Un-Scheduled
    mold stops as well as the number of molds currently in production
    and their PM status (based on cycles run).
  • All screens have been enlarged and many fields include Zoom
    windows with rich (customizable) text. Choose between full or
    ¾ screen sizes.
  • Two new FastTrax Reports include Inventory Tracking and
    Maintenance Alerts.

Customized, on-site MoldTrax training is available. Download a free demo of the latest edition of MoldTrax HERE and discover how it can help your company drive profitability. Or, call ToolingDocs at 800-257-8369 to order your copy of MoldTrax today.



MoldTrax was designed specifically for the
plastic injection mold industry to help optimize
mold production and profitability.


Drop-down menus, standard terminology and an array of integrated worksheets and reports make MoldTrax the most comprehensive, user-friendly mold management system of its kind.

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Product Overview

Here’s what customers who use MoldTrax are saying about it:

“MoldTrax has taken our shop from a reactive repair shop to a proactive one. Everything we need to track the activities of all our molds is tucked into one program. Instead of thumbing through file folders and paper for data, it’s now all in one place. It’s a great tool. It’s easy to implement. I think any mold company is crazy not to have it. I wish we had MoldTrax 10 years ago.”

~ Ron Zach, Toolroom/Mold Repair Coordinator, Becton Dickinson

 “We have over 300 molds to care for. You have to track them continually. Because of MoldTrax and better documentation our molds’ performances have definitely improved. We are able to list problematic areas such as flashing, venting, pins and bushings replacement, etc. These are documented during the run and at the end of the run and we can then generate comprehensive mold history reports that help us to fix those issues. I have seen what MoldTrax can do, and we haven’t used it to its fullest potential yet.”

 ~ Eugene Hassam, Mold Prep Lead, Senninger, Inc.

“When I learned about MoldTrax I thought about the fact that we have over a thousand tools and we do a lot of changes. We didn’t have a system in place to monitor the maintenance or particular things about each tool. One thing that really appealed to me with MoldTrax was the Corrective Action page and all the data that can be stored there to really keep track of tools and keep them running optimally.”

~ Pete Ferguson, Tool Room Manager, MOS Plastics