ToolingDocs Toolroom Maintenance Bench

ToolingDocs introduced its custom-designed mold maintenance benches to its unique line of products at NPE2015 in Orlando, FL.

Toolroom Maintenance Bench by ToolingDocs 

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Bench Optimized for Mold Assembly/Disassembly:

  • More efficient mold assembly and disassembly.
  • Convenient working height.
  • Shelf for storage.
  • 3´ X 12´ working area.
  • 5/8” thick Blanchard Ground steel work surface for smooth and easy positioning of mold plates.
  • Radiused corners on legs to reduce knee injuries.
  • Bench is all-welded construction.

Standardized Design:

  • Adopt best practices across your facility.
  • Consistent so all work areas are equal.

Tool Storage Option:

  • Organize tool storage.
  • Easy access to tools needed on the bench.
  • Prevent clutter.
  • Pre-drilled holes and repositionable aluminum pegs for organized and flexible tool storage.
  • Tool Storage unit fits under one section of the bench.
  • Diamond plate for durability.
  • 2” setback and inclined back at an angle to keep tools within bench.
  • Each tool storage unit includes 1 board on each side of bench.

Water Manifold and Flowmeter Option:

  • Manifold and valves allow quick connection for mold water testing.
  • Flow meter can be used to ensure flow is even and there are no restrictions.
  • Ability to bench test for leaks saves valuable time versus testing in the press.
  • Red and blue manifold similar to what is at the press.
  • Convenient drain feature provides cleaner, more efficient drainage after testing.

Air Manifold Option:

  • Convenient connection of air tools.
  • One on each side of the bench.
  • Hooks to hold air hose.

Electrical Option:

  • 2 outlets on either side of the bench.
  • Electrical hookups are routed under the bench to minimize obstructions.
  • Positioned centrally on bench for easy access.

Ordering and Configuration Information:


F = Manifold and Flow Meter
T = Tool Storage
A = Air
E = Electrical

Note: Standard Toolroom Bench dimensions are 3´ wide, by 12´long and 34˝ high. Custom configurations are available by request.

TRB34-FTAE = Toolroom Bench with all Options Installed
TRB34-AE = Toolroom Bench with Air and Electric Options Installed