ToolingDocs Unscheduled Mold Stop Calculator

Do you know the true costs of unscheduled mold pulls in your plant? Most do not. That’s why ToolingDocs has developed its unique new Unscheduled Mold Pull Calculator that takes critical data about your mold pulls and instantly computes what those unscheduled mold pulls are costing companies on an annual basis.

“This calculator opens up a much larger financial picture than most companies are looking at when they are adding up the cost of doing business in their shops,” explains Randy Winton, ToolingDocs’ Global Assessment Manager. “We use this calculator to help customers understand annual costs of unscheduled mold stops and then offer a solution for reducing them, such as our Total Systems Implementation (TSI) program. The TSI is like having a personal trainer for the development of a comprehensive database to improve mold performance and maintenance efficiencies.”

Click HERE to uncover the cost of your unscheduled mold pulls and contact ToolingDocs to find out how systemized mold maintenance best practices can help dramatically reduce them and boost productivity in your shop.