Certified Maintenance provider (CMP)


By becoming a Certified Maintenance Provider a mold shop gains a competitive advantage over others in the plastics industry for operating a comprehensive mold preventive maintenance program to ToolingDocs standards.

More than 50 carefully chosen shop floor methods, procedures and documentation practices are evaluated, scored and then categorized into Key Performance Indicators, as observed in the 8 Stages of Repair®. This is collectively called a Maintenance Provider Assessment (MPA). The results will then be used to categorize the mold shop into Best Practice Levels.

Because ToolingDocs advocates the use of an Electronic Maintenance Management System (EMMS) to more accurately
and easily sort and use the data collected, MoldTrax, along with training, is included.

Custom Mold & Design proudly displays its new status as a ToolingDocs Certified Maintenance Provider. Pictured, from left, are Tom Caron, VP-Sales, Lester Jones, VP, Mark Morris, General Manager, and Keith Katnis, Mold Maintenance Manager.

The final MPA score and resultant Best Practice shop level will be tabulated and compared to ToolingDocs standards. A final score of 3.0 or better is required and must be maintained in order to become a CMP. ToolingDocs will work with the shop to help maintain its CMP certification.

A written report outlines the findings and recommendations in any deficient areas.

What is the benefit for the mold shop?