Total Systems Implementation

A TSI comprises one full year of ongoing training, audits and database development through onsite visits and Webex conferencing to ensure the maintenance improvement initiative remains ongoing and successful. The latest version of the MoldTrax Mold Maintenance System is included along with on-site installation and comprehensive training.

Benefits of a TSI include:

  • Standardization of company terminology for product and mold defects and corrective actions
  • Reduction of product defects and improved part quality
  • Understand the true cost of mold performance and maintenance
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime and loss of Actual Machine Hours (AMH)
  • Continuous improvement in mold performance and maintenance efficiency
  • Establish a world class mold maintenance facility

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A TSI includes one full day on-site to con-duct an initial MCA (Maintenance Capability Assessment) to understand where contin-ued training should be focused and for development of an implementation plan.